How to replace the motor for my City Rider 2?

If you are trying to repair or replace motors on your city rider 2, here is an instruction for you:
1.Unscrew the bolts on the outside lid
2.Unscrew the bolts on the other side and take the truck off
3.Take the thin metal ring off from the motor
4.Take the black metal lid off
5.Use the rubber hammer to separate motor and wheel
6. Take out three long location pins gently
(There is also one small location pin on the side of the motor or still in the wheel, be careful)
7.Take the big gear out gently
8.At the bottom of the small iron rod, there are two small brass rings, take them out
9.Fix the motor on the lathe
10.Use a hammer or rubber hammer to push the motor off from the silver rings (one bearing, one planetary gear ring)
11.Take the three planetary gears off
12.Take the one last bearing off from the motor
13.Replace the old motor with a new one
---------Disassembling is done-----------
14.All the components you need to assemble the motor:
One truck; One motor; One wheel; One wheel lid; Two bearings; One planetary gear ring; Three planetary gears; Two small brass rings; Six black short bolts; Four long black bolts; One thin metal ring; One big silver gear; Three long location pins; One short location pin
15.Assemble the motor wheel back in order.

Attention: Sides of all gears must be parallel with others, so that the motor could rotate smoothly. Put lubricating grease in the center of the motor if necessary.

Here is a link for video instruction:

Jul 30, 2021

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