About My Order

  • Track my order

    How can I check the shipping status / track my order?
  • Can I cancel my order?

    Your order can only be canceled before it ships. To cancel the order, please email us: info@meepoboard.com. Your payment will be refunded in 7 business days FYI, Canceling order request isn't available during the weekend OR Holiday
  • Why my order has not shipped out?

    Your order is packed and ready to be shipped after ordering. It will be shipped out soon. And you would receive a confirmation email with a tracking number in a few days after the package is shipped out.
  • Why my order has delayed ?

    If your parcel is shipped out from Local warehouse, it means there are too many parcels are ready to sent out or it were out of stock temporarily, hence, it may cause some delay sending. Normally the package will be delivered within 2- 6 business days once you receive a tracking number. We are c...
  • Why my order has been refunded?

    Because your order was detected as an account with HIGH RISK. So, we have to cancel your order and you will receive a refund within 7 business days. If you are still willing to buy a board from us, please use another email address.
  • Why is my parcel "in transist" for weeks?

    If your parcel is shipped out from China, it may take days or weeks to send the board to your country, especially if you choose sea transportation. The tracking status would stay "in transit" and would not be updated until the parcel has finished custom clearance and arrives to the local delivery...
  • Do I need to pay for the tax?

    The tax will be included on shipping fee for US customer. For other countries, you will receive a notification from customer serive if necessary.
  • My parcel is lost. It shows "delivered", however I never received it.

    Here is a procedure you can follow to report a lost package: First, you, the consignee, have to contact the delivery company to log a complaint. Tell them you did not receive the package, however its status say it was "delivered". Then, you would receive a complaint number from the delivery compa...