What are the differences between the boards?

We currently have five different electric skateboards on our site, which are Meepo Mini2, V3, Nls Pro, Nls Belt, and AWD Pro. They are all cost-effective and with high performance, but different characteristics.
Here are some differences between each board which might help you finding the one for you:

Mini2: Small but powerful/ Hub motor/ Easy to carry/ Wallet-friendly price
V3: Stable and with a convenient handle/ Hub motor/ Most popular/ Wallet-friendly price
Nls Pro: High performance/ Hub motor/ Flexible bamboo deck
Nls Belt: Latest board/ Belt-driven/ Crazy torque/ Flexible bamboo deck/ Comes with two sets of wheels(Normal PU & Cloudwheels)
AWD Pro: Fastest board/ Hub motor/ All Wheel Drive/ Crazy torque
(All Meepo boards enjoy 6 months warranty)

For more details of above boards, please click here.

Jul 30, 2021

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