Top 5 Questions you might need to know

  • About disconnection

    When the board hits a bump or lands from the air, the ESC cuts out the power for one second which is intended for rider's safety. So it is normal that you could not accelerate or brake right after you land from air.
  • Board can't be charged

    If the board can't be charged, then you need to check it out step by step. 1. Is the charger light turns green when only plugging into the wall (not connect to the board) 2. Does the indicator show the “in” charging symbol while the plug charger in? 3. Open the battery case and check all wires...
  • How to pair MR/M4 remote to the board ?( hobbywing esc not included )

    Please make sure the board and remote are fully charged, and pair the remote again to the board as the following steps: Turn on your skateboard, hold the skateboard power button for a few seconds, and it starts flashing, so it means v3 skateboard is waiting for pairing.  Now turn on your remote ...
  • How to replace pu sleeves on motor?

    Here is the video for your reference:
  • One of the motor doesn't work.

    If one of the motors isn't working well, please do a quick motor test as the video. Video of motor test: (This test is a must and it's helpful, you must to turn off the skateboard when you are ready to do this test) Please record the performance of the motor during t...